Scott Brick and Johnny Heller's

6th Annual Audiobook Biz Workshop

Sunday, March 3rd 2024

8:45am - 4:30pm


Scott Brick and Johnny Heller — two of the most sought-after audiobook narration coaches in the nation, with over 2000 titles between them — are back again to offer attendees the chance to experience the wildly successful business seminar!  Focusing on business and industry topics targeted specifically to audiobook narrators, get ready because are we blowing up this year's event... 

Check this out: we are changing up our Publisher's Roundtable by offering individual sessions with each publisher rep scheduled through out the day.  AND all attendees will have the chance to ask their questions during each publisher session (get ready to dash to the mike). 

Next, welcome back micropanels - we want to take interactive to the next level so we're offering more in-person website and social media evaluations.  

Finally... drum roll... for the first time we are offering a new VIP registration package!  VIP, whut...?  Yep, not only are kicking it for all attendees with a swag bag worth $40, we now have a limited VIP package that guarantees you a seat in the reserved first 2 rows, a swag bag worth $200, a chance to win a private session with one of our attending experts AND a ticket to the APA Social.  But we're not finished!  The first 10 attendees who register will receive an upgraded swag bag worth $80 and a chance to win one of the private sessions with our attending experts!  Are you excited yet?  There's even more perks to be announced. What are you waiting for?  

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**Discount Alert! If you've attended a prior biz workshop in the past, you are eligible for a $50 discount on general admission registration, and if you've attended two or more, you are eligible for a $100 discount.  Contact Gina for info - sorry no discounts for VIP registration. If you've already registered, no worries, we'll issue you the appropriate refund.



And Now a Few Words From Our Hosts...

General Workshop Ticket:       $499.00                        REGISTER

  • Swag Bag valued at $40 (includes cool tech gear and more)
  • Chance to Win a 30-minute Private Coaching Session with Johnny or Scott 
  • Chance to Win a Lunch Session with one of our Publisher Guests
  • Chance to Win a 1-on-1 Private Session with one of Our Panelist Experts
  • Catered Buffet Lunch, Continental Breakfast and All-Day Beverage Service
  • General Swag Bag Essentials


>First 10 Attendees Who Register Will Receive Complementary Upgrade!*

Experience guaranteed seating in the reserved front section and an upgraded swag bag worth $80!

*This feature is now SOLD OUT

VIP Workshop Ticket:             $629.00                             SOLD OUT!

  • Deluxe Swag Bag valued at $200 (includes cool tech gear and more)
  • Ticket to APA Social valued at $80*
  • Guaranteed Seating in the Reserved Front Section
  • Guaranteed 30-minute Private Coaching Session with Johnny & Scott 
  • Chance to Win a Lunch Session with one of our Publisher Guests
  • Chance to Win a 1-on-1 Private Session with one of Our Presenting Experts
  • Option to Contribute to Publisher Swag Bag** (can include branded merch, a notecard, etc)
  • Catered Buffet Lunch, Continental Breakfast and All-Day Beverage Service
  • General Swag Bag Essentials


*if you've already purchased your APA Social ticket, you can receive either a coupon code or refund to off-set the cost

**for more info, contact Gina -

Meet Our Panelists

SCOTT BRICK has recorded bestsellers and Pulitzer-Prize winners for every major publisher, over 1100 titles, in every conceivable category. In addition to over 60 Earphones Awards and two Grammy nominations, he’s also received eight Audie Awards. Scott is both an AudioFile Magazine Golden Voice and an inaugural member of the Audible Narrator Hall of Fame, and his work has been profiled in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES and ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, and PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY has twice named him their Audiobook Narrator of the Year. You can hear Scott narrate such titles as JURASSIC PARK, ALEXANDER HAMILTON, the JACK REACHER series, IN COLD BLOOD, THE PASSAGE trilogy, ATLAS SHRUGGED, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, HELTER SKELTER, FAHRENHEIT 451 and the DUNE saga.  In 2015 Scott began teaching the nation’s first fully-accredited university course in audiobook narration at UCLA, and also offers coaching for professional and aspiring narrators through his Audiobook Insider Workshop series as well as private sessions.  For more info, visit or

JOHNNY HELLER is an Audiofile GOLDEN VOICE narrator and one of the most sought after Audiobook and Commercial VO coaches in the nation. Johnny is an ALA Odyssey Award winner and has narrated nearly 1000 titles for adults, young adults and children; Publishers Weekly named him a Listen Up Award Winner 2008-2016; Audiofile Magazine named him a Best Voice of 2008 -2011, 2014-2018 and one of the top 50 voices of the 20th Century. A multiple recipient of Booklist & Publishers Weekly Starred Reviews, Johnny has garnered over 30 Earphone Awards, is a 14-time Audie Award Nominee and a 4-time Audie Award Winner.  For more info, visit

Award-winning narrator RACHEL L. JACOBS has recorded over 300 titles with major publishers and producers, including Penguin Random House, Hachette, Macmillan, Brilliance, Podium, Scholastic and many many more. Versatile and emotive, Rachel breathes life into each of the characters and stories she reads.  She is a multiple Earphones, YALSA, and Parent’s Choice Award winner, as well as an Audie Finalist.  She has been an avid audiobook listener since she was a child; her love of her work comes through clearly in every story she touches.  Rachel has a BA in Theatre with a focus in Shakespeare and Musical Theater and has performed on stages all over the world.

9:00AM - 9:30AM


Rachel L Jacobs


We narrate because we love performing and bringing the colorful worlds inside the books we read to life. But for some of us the drudgery of digital paperwork, persistent emails, and looming deadlines can be daunting and take up valuable real estate in our heads. Rachel L. Jacobs, award-winning narrator, founder of Flowered Words Design, and admitted Scatterbrain, takes you behind the screen and shows you how she automates & organizes her business(es) to make more space for the fun part of the job.  30 Minutes.

Audie-Award-winning narrator JENNIFER JILL ARAYA has been listening to audiobooks since she was a young child, and the fact that she now gets to narrate audiobooks for a living is a dream come true. An Audie Award Winner, Earphones Award Recipient, American Library Association YALSA Amazing Audiobooks Award Winner, SOVAS Award Finalist, and three-time Independent Audiobook Award Finalist, Jennifer has narrated nearly 300 audiobooks for a variety of publishers and producers, including Penguin Random House Audio, Simon & Schuster Audio, HarperAudio, Blackstone Publishing, and Audible Studios. 

9:30AM - 10:00AM


Jennifer Jill Araya


Working as an audiobook narrator means being an innovative and creative actor behind the mic, and it also means being the CEO of a small business in a niche creative industry. Balancing those two aspects of audiobook narration can at times be a challenge. In this session, award-winning audiobook narrator and creative entrepreneurship coach Jennifer Jill Araya will help you make decisions about the structure of your audiobook narration business so that you are able to build a creative business that works.     30 Minutes.

SUZANNE ELISE FREEMAN-BRICK is an audiobook narrator with over 400 credits from major publishers including Penguin Random House, Harper, Scholastic, Tantor, Blackstone and Brilliance. She is also passionate about audiobooks - as both a narrator and a fan. Her narrating origin story involves a figurative lightbulb and a literal couch. While listening to an audiobook she realized that her entire career - as a television reporter, writer, actor and reading-as-procrastination expert - had led to an astonishingly obvious conclusion. To Suzanne, narrating is the quintessential mix of performance and literary artistry. A union of her father’s life-long dedication to theater and her mother’s love of reading. In short, the perfect occupation for an introverted extrovert.

10:00AM - 10:15AM

Radio microphone with solid fill MICROPANEL 1:  INTERACTIVE


Suzanne Elise Freeman-Brick, Gina Smith & Scott Brick


Back by popular demand, we'll critique an attendee's website, offering helpful hints and resources to take their online presence to the next level.  15 Minutes.

*to be considered for this micropanel, send an email to with web info. Selected attendee will be notified prior to event.

TAMARA MARSTON is the Senior Casting Director at Podium Audio, having joined the company in 2016 after casting for BeeAudio for several years. She entered the industry as a narrator and has over 80 titles for Black-stone, Highbridge, Harper Collins, Audible and others, hav-ing garnered an Audiofile Earphones Award and nomina-tions for both Audie and VoiceArts awards along the way. Tamara is a professional performer, stage and musical director, and vocal director for several theaters in the Pacific Northwest. 

10:15AM - 10:45AM

Radio microphone with solid fill PUBLISHER #1 Q&A

Tamara Marston - Podium


Get ready to run to the mic, it's a lightning round of attendee questions for our visiting publisher.  We will start with two email questions and then it's all you.    30 Minutes.

With over twenty years as a professional voice actor, J. MICHAEL COLLINS has worked with some of the biggest companies, brands, sports leagues, and organizations on the planet. In addition to his work in the classic, agency-based world of VO, J. Michael has established him-self as a leading authority in the online casting marketplace and has become recognized as an industry leading voice talent coach and demo producer as well. J. Michael is a 38 time Voice Arts Award winner as a voice actor, demo producer, script writer, and casting director. 

10:45AM - 11:15AM


J Michael Collins  (Via Zoom)


Fiction, non-fiction, e-learning... wait what?  Yep, there are other areas out there where you can use your voice - and cash in on quite a lucrative industry.  Join internationally renowned VO producer Michael J. Collins, as he guides us through maximizing those alternative voice opportunities and how to make them work for you.     30 Minutes.

BRAD HILL serves as the Associate Publisher at HarperAudio. Before joining HarperCollins, he held the position of Studio Production Manager at Brilliance Publishing, an Amazon Company. Boasting more than two decades of experience, Brad has dedicated his entire career to the world of audiobooks. Outside of his professional endeavors, he channels his creativity as a music composer for film and media. Brad currently resides south of Nashville, TN, with his wife, three daughters, and two dogs.

11:15AM - 11:45AM

Radio microphone with solid fill PUBLISHER #2 Q&A

Brad Hill - HarperAudio


Time again for our publisher lightning round, be ready.  30 Minutes.

JESSICA KAYE is an entertainment and publishing attorney at Kaye & Mills and a Grammy Award-winning audiobook producer and director of hundreds of audiobooks. She serves on the boards of the Audio Publishers Association and the Southern California Chapter of Mystery Writers of America. Kaye owns Big Happy Family LLC, an audiobook distributor. She is also the author of The Guide to Publishing Audiobooks (WD Books). 

11:45AM - 12:15PM


Scott Brick, Jessica Kaye & Gina Smith


Wondering how to navigate the winding roads of dealing with an indy author?  Scott, attorney/producer Jessica Kaye and SBP guru Gina Smith take you through the steps of the production process as well as provide hints and tips to help keep the process smooth sailing.  30 Minutes.

JULIE WILSON is an industry leader in audio storytelling and an award-winning Senior Executive Producer. As the Director of Casting, Strategic Partnerships, and Digital Production Platforms at Penguin Random House Audio, she spearheads the growth of the global talent pool and partners with external companies to advance creativity and efficiency in the publishing industry. Recent production credits include working with Adam Grant, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Alicia Keys, Brandi Carlile, Seth Rogen, and The Tiny Chef. She created the global casting platform for voiceover, Ahab Talent, which increases diverse casting options for creators.

As the CEO of The Articulate Coach, she helps audiobook narrators and thought leaders find their voices and elevate their businesses through improving performance, branding, and networking. She is passionate about building communities and supporting creatives to advance the future of storytelling. Enroll in coaching and courses at


1:15PM - 1:45PM 

Radio microphone with solid fill PUBLISHER #3 Q&A

Julie Wilson - Penguin Random House  


One more time at the mic.  We've got 2 more to go...   30 Minutes.

1:45PM - 2:15PM

Radio microphone with solid fill WELL IT'S SO NICE TO MEET YOU... NOW WHAT?

Scott Brick, Michele Cobb & Johnny Heller


You've just met a key publisher rep - you've shared jokes, a handshake and then... awkward silence. Our panel pros Scott, APA Executive Director Michele Cobb and of course Johnny, outline the best practices for leaving an impression, closing the loop and landing the job.   30 Minutes.

2:15PM - 2:30PM

Radio microphone with solid fill MICROPANEL 2:  INTERACTIVE


Julie Wilson


How can you make certain your casting profile is getting noticed?  PRH’s Julie Wilson returns to critique an attendee's AHAB profile and provide valuable insight on how to make it stand out from the rest.  15 Minutes.

*to be considered for this micropanel, send an email to with AHAB profile info. Selected attendee will be notified prior to event.

MELISSA REILLY ELLARD is an accomplished, award-winning producer and director in the audiovisual production industry, with over three decades of experience. Melissa has earned several accolades, including nine Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Children’s Video and the prestigious Odyssey Medal from the American Library Association. As a prominent member of the production team at Weston Woods Studios/Scholastic Audio, Melissa has been instrumental in the continual growth and success of the legendary production studios. It has developed a world-class reputation for creating outstanding audios and films based on children’s books by being faithful to the original works and inspiring children to read.

2:30PM -3:00PM

Radio microphone with solid fill PUBLISHER #4 Q&A

Melissa Reilly Ellard - Scholastic


You had lunch time to think of your perfect question, now get up there...   30 Minutes.

MICHELE COBB served on the board from 2001, as a director and officer, becoming Executive Director in 2015. She is a partner in Forté Business Consulting, which provides PR, Sales, Marketing, and Business Development services for the publishing industry.

3:15PM - 3:45PM

Radio microphone with solid fill LIVE AND TRAVEL IN STYLE... WITH POINTS!

Michele Cobb


We all have them, those super cool credit cards that offer either cash back, points or airline miles.  But are you really using them to their full potential?  APA Exective Director Michele Cobb shares her secrets to getting the most bang for your buck - from which cards are best to use for travel, signing bonuses and the most lucrative redemption options.   30 Minutes.

JESSE BICKFORD is the senior producer and a director for Blackstone Publishing, and has been with the company since 2008, after stumbling upon audiobooks rather unexpectedly. A Southern California native she’s been in Oregon since 2004 and loves living in the Pacific Northwest. A lifelong book dragon, Jesse couldn’t ask for a better career than in audiobooks. Her favorite genres are short story anthologies, fantasy novels, middle grade titles, queer literature, and books with a little extra *ahem* spice in them. Jesse also is an audiobook coach under Book Dragon Coaching. When not audiobooking she can be found hanging out with her family and their two unruly yet adorable dogs, the slow-moving tortoise (who moonlights as an accountant). But whatever she’s doing, it’s usually with a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. 

3:45PM - 4:15PM

Radio microphone with solid fill PUBLISHER #5 Q&A

Jesse Bickford - Blackstone


This is your last chance... don't say we didn't warn you.  30 Minutes.

4:15PM - 4:45PM


To Be Announced


A potpourri of final industry thoughts.

GINA SMITH is a self-proclaimed marketing guru with over 25 years experience working in the entertainment industry who also happens to dabble in web & graphic design, event planning, and professional organizing. In addition to operating her freelance agency, GLS Entertainment, Gina also runs audiobook narrator, Scott Brick’s, lucrative production company and acts as talent manager for other audiobook narrators. When she's not busy updating someone's website or helping a client chase world domination, she is either traveling the globe or hanging out with her two cats. Or watching a BBC show.

5:00PM - 5:30PM

Radio microphone with solid fill BONUS PANEL:  APRIL 15TH IS AROUND THE CORNER - ARE YOU READY?

Gina Smith


For those not attending the APA Social, feel free to hang around for a bonus panel as Gina provides tips for prepping taxes and staying organized as you sort through that box of receipts.  30 Minutes.

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