San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Thursday, July 19 - 10:30am-11:30am

Spotlight on Maggie Thompson Celebrating Comics Buyer's Guide

Maggie Thompson (30-year co-editor of Comics Buyer's Guide) and CBG contributors Mark Evanier (writer, editor, entertainment expert, and News from ME blogger) and Scott Brick (actor, writer, and award-winning audiobook narrator) revisit three decades of comics newsgathering.


Saturday, July 21 - 1pm-2pm

Comics and Geek Items for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Blind and visually impaired people love comics, gaming, TV, movies, and all sorts of science fiction/fantasy/horror artforms just as much as their sighted counterparts. How do they enjoy such things with little or no eyesight? Totally blind martial artist, competitive surfer, and unashamed geek Joshua Loya and actor/audio book narrator/writer Scott Brick share what options exist for nonvisual entertainment.


Saturday, July 21 - 5pm-6:30pm

Talk for a Living: Voiceover 101

Master storyteller and audiobook narrator Scott Brick (Dune, Blade Runner, Jurassic Park) and legendary voiceover artist Townsend Coleman (voice of The Tick, and Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) put volunteers from the audience through their paces to see if they-and you-have what it takes to make it in the competitive world of voiceover.


Saturday, July 21 - 6:30pm-8pm

Being an Author in the 21st Century (and Controlling Your Own Destiny Through Self-Publishing)

Being a successful author is an entirely different proposition than it was just a few years ago. The introduction of the eReader and the rise of self-publishing have turned the industry on its head-and new authors are benefiting. Learn how to harness your strengths and take charge of your career in a candid discussion of the self-published author's life with three Amazon all-star authors: Michael C. Grumley (sci-fi, thrillers), Tim Tigner(mystery, thrillers), and Samantha Christy (romance). Moderated by audiobook Golden Voice Scott Brick.

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