New Year, New Website - oh yeah!


I’m not sure if anyone out there can relate, but occasionally New Year’s Resolution post-it notes have taken up residence on my desk—seemingly abandoned—for… well, years.  You look at it, tell yourself that you need to get moving on it, figure out how to make that big goal happen, but you get so used to it being there that you stop seeing the post-it as it just sits there, and it becomes an “out of sight, out of mind” kind of thing.  (Anybody out there have that happen?  Nah, didn’t think so.)

Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t forgotten about our post-it note, the one that says, “UPDATE THE $@%& WEBSITE!” and we’ve actually been working on it, behind the scenes, for quite a long time, in fact.  Well today, at long last, I can finally write a big ol’ check mark on that note and drop it in the trash, because today is the day that I finally have a website that functions the way it was originally designed.

Excited about my new website?  Darn right I am!  The road was long, and was seemingly paved with excuses, naysayers, and an ever-growing, ever ballooning budget, but with the awesome help of my Production Manager, Gina Smith, my BBBA HelpDesk guru Gayle, and the people at Bizango, a beyond cool, truly fantastic web agency, I now have a site that caters to all its visitors—colleagues, listeners, publishers and students.  Whatever brings you here will be a great deal easier to find.  Want to browse my audiobook portfolio?  Great, you can now sort by several different categories, then click through to purchase any title you’d like not already available at the BBBA store.  Did you stop in to find out about events we’ve got on the horizon?  Awesome, then check out our upcoming contests, or sign up for an impending workshop.  Or are you thinking about embarking on a career in audiobook narration?  Because if so you can book a private coaching session, sign up for a webinar, or just listen to my blog that contains all sorts of tips on how to break into the biz.  Lots of fun stuff.

(Hmm, that breaking into audiobook narration blog sure is out of date.  Might need an update.  I’ll just write a post-it— wait, there’s already one there?  Okay, don’t rush me, one thing at a time, people!)  In the meantime you can find it at the top of the Blog page.

Yes, I’m excited.  Because now we can better help you, which has always been the goal.  So please, explore and enjoy to your heart’s content.  And remember that it’s you and every other wonderful listener out there that makes this site possible.  I’m deeply grateful.

Thanks for listening.

Scott Brick



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